AerobioniX warranties that our products will be free from manufacturing defects for a period 18 months from date of fitting. Products found to be covered by warranty shall be replaced at no charge. Each Running Blade is designed for the activity of running and is manufactured to specific patient weight ratings. Running Blade warranty may be voided at the sole discretion of AerobioniX if A) the user participates in activities that result in overload conditions, such as forceful jumping, heavy lifting, or high-impact sports, B) the Running blade is improperly fitted, used outside of weight guidelines or AerobioniX believes that a modification performed on the Running Blade adversely affected the integrity of the product, C) care is not taken to protect the Running Blade from damage that could have been reasonably prevented  (e.g. failure to replace worn-out soling, allowing and not correcting excessive contact friction wear, exposure to highly corrosive conditions, or other extreme or harsh environmental factors).

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